Raúl Colomer


Raúl Colomer Valcárcel raul.colomer@raulcolomer.com colomer.raul@gmail.com LINKEDIN PROFILE I’m Raúl Colomer and I’ve been working in animation for 16 years. I’ m an expert in lighting and compositing, always closely linked to the technical aspects of the creative components of 3D, which has led me to work as a technical director and CG Ssupervisor. I´m passionate about my work. I enjoy working with light, color, framing and lenses applied to storytelling, as well as complex technical challenges such as designing pipelines from scratch remotely, or changing the technological direction of a studio. In my recent years, managing departments and designing pipelines have been the focus of my work efforts, applying all my knowledge and experience acquired throughout my career. During the last years (2017-2022) I have been lighting artist and CG Supervisor at PINKMAN.TV, studio to which has been linked for five years, with three projects completed, including “THE WINDSHIELD WIPER” (Oscar 2022 winner), and WATCH DOGS LEGION “Tipping Point” for UBISOFT and “JIBARO” for the animated anthology “Love, death and Robots” for NETFLIX, (EMMY winner, ‘Outstanding Short Form Animated Program’), all of them directed by Alberto Mielgo. He has also been Technical Director at In Efecto, with the “TARA DUNCAN” series project, where I was part of the studio’s pipeline design team. Now, I am CTO at HAMPA STUDIO focused on improving the studio’s pipeline and developing and implementing real-time workflows in 2D and 3D animation.